SNS Color Full Set $50
SNS Overlay $45
SNS Pink & White Full Set $55
SNS Pink & White Overlay $50
SNS Pink & White Fill-In $50
Acrylic Full Set $40
Acrylic Fill-In $28
Acrylic Full Set With Gel Color $50 +
Acrylic Fill-In With Gel Color $40
Gel Powder Full Set $45
Gel Powder Fill-In $30
Gel Color Manicure $34
Gel Color Change $28
Gel Color on Toe Nails Only $25
Gel Color Polish Only $23
Gel Color For Hand Only $23
Add Gel Color To Acrylic $15
Polish Change For Hand/ French $10 / $15
Polish Change For Toes/ French $12 / $15
Nail Removal $10
Nail Repair $5 +
Nail Design $5 +
Shape Sharing $5
Gel French Manicure $37
Add Cuticle Cutting $5
Gel Color add on Pedicure $15
Acrylic Ombre Full Set $65
Cut Down/Service $3
Acrylic Take Off/Service $5
Add Manicure/service $10
Full Set/Gel Color $50
Acrylic Pink Only Full Set $45
SNS Color Fill In Overlay $45
Acrylic Pink & White Full Set $55
Acrylic Pink & White Fill In $50
Acrylic Pink Only Fill In $30
SNS Ombre $65
Gel Color Change/Take Off Gel $28
gel Color Take Off/Service $5
SNS Take Off/Service $8


Organic Spa Pedi $48

Used to heal burns, insect bites, and stings, The Lavender herb is incredibly healing to the skin. For centuries, Lavender has been traditionally used to alleviate anxiety and sleep disorders. Soothe and clam your customer's stressful mind, life, and body with our new, but familiar, 4 steps Lavender SPA system with certified organic ingredients. We use the world's most precious essential oils and natural extracts, blended with the rare, sustainable, and exotic Argan Oil from Morocco to create a safe and refreshing experience in the spa. Luxury for her, simplicity for you.

Jelly Spa Pedi $55

Pamper your feet with the ultimate spa experience. It provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. It helps exfoliate as well as hydrate dry skin, as bath with ultimate water. It enhances the blood circulation in so much as bathing in s hot spring. Soak and massage in the jelly and salt and soak in jelly water, scrub, exfoliate, foot mask, replenish with hot towel wrap, and paraffin treatment cream massage.Flavor options: Aloe Vera, Peppermint, Lavender.

Pearl Spa Pedi $60

Exotic Beauty Secret from the Deep Blue Sea pearl powder contains over a dozen different minerals that helps moisturize and protect skin from UV rays. Pearl spa soaks, cleanser, pearl scrub, pearl mask with hot towel, massage cream to stimulate the circulation of blood with heated bootie, and pearl cream.

Aroma Spa Pedicure $43

Aroma Soak: Purify and detoxify with Aroma Soak. Contain with natural oils and sea salt to help prep and cleanse the skin for your spa experience. Enjoy the relaxation and send your senses to paradise as the Aroma fills the room.

Sugar Scrub: Exfloiate your skin with the velvet bliss of Aroma Spa Sugar Scrub. Mixed with the plant extracts and sugar to help lift and exfoliate the dead skin, leaving the skin refeshed and bare to receive the nutrient from Nourishing Mask.

Nourishing Mask: Rich with nutrient ingredients. this creamy Nourishing Mask will not only pamper your skin but provide natural nourishment that will stimulate tired skin and revitalize them. Leaving your hands, feet or body with a exceptional glow. 

Massage Cream: The best ending to your spa experience is with our Massage Cream. Aroma Spa Massage Cream will leave your skin nourished and hydrated. The final step in our signature Aroma 4 steps. 

Choice of scents:



Cherry Blossom


Classic Pedicure $32

The perfect treatment includes nail shaping, cuticle trimming callus care, sea salt exfoliation, and relaxing massage.

Signature By O.P.I Pedicure $38

Nourishes and hydrates while polishing away dry, rough skin for soft, renewed feet. Soothing citrus aroma. Polishes and renews natural water dissolving sugar crystals and fruit derived alpha hydroxy acids. The classic treatment plus Pedi essential scrub, mask, paraffin wax, hot towel wrap, and essential lotion.


Eyebrow $10
Sideburns $15 +
Chin $8 +
Lip $8
Full Face $35 +
Underarms $20 +
Full Arms $40 +
Stomach $20 +
Half Arms $25 +
Hands/ Toes $5
Semi Brazilian $40
Lower Legs $35
Chest $45
Brazilian $45
Full Legs $50
Standard Bikini $35

Drink of Choice

Glass of Wine


Bottle of Water.

Kid's Services

Mini Classic Manicure $12
Mini Color Change for Hand $6
Mini Classic Pedicure $22
Mini Color Change for Feet $8
Combo Mini Classic $34